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Duo Bed Pillow

Filled with premium buckwheat and millet hulls, this hypoallergenic pillow maintains proper spinal alignment in all sleep positions. Sleep better…live better!

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Duo Bed Pillow


The Duo Bed Pillow maintains proper spinal alignment while keeping you comfortable in any sleep position. The Duo Bed Pillow has an ingenious dual chamber to give you the best of both worlds – millet on one side and buckwheat on the other. Buckwheat hulls grip together under weight providing cozy, stable support. They allow ventilation providing you with a cool and dry pillow all night. Millet hulls fit together under weight and provide a dense, silky soft support. Hulls shift and adjust to cradle your head and neck with perfect pressure-relieving and passive support, even as you shift positions during sleep. Bucky only uses premium hulls and best of all, they are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and the natural choice for healthy, restorative and ergonomically correct sleep. To personalize your comfort level simply unzip the outer cover and inner liner to add or remove filling. The Duo comes complete with a zippered, 100% cotton pillowcase. Made in USA.

Care: Remove pillowcase. Machine wash cold. No bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not wash hull filling. Do not microwave.

Size: 20"x 15"

Weight: 5.4 lbs.

Material: Pillowcase:100% Cotton, Liner: 100% Polyester, Filling: 50% Millet Hulls, 50% Buckwheat Hulls

Millet hulls are the outer husk of the millet seed. Millet is best known as bird seed in America but this tiny, nutritious grain is eaten daily by many cultures. Milling millet releases the half-spherical hulls from the seed. The hulls are smooth and durable, able to support the weight of your head without losing shape. Millet hulls are a good choice for those who have never owned a hull-filled pillow. They are quiet and slightly heat conserving. Like buckwheat, millet hulls are hypoallergenic.

Benefits of Millet Hulls:

  • Quiet
  • Dense but lightweight
  • Distribute body weight evenly
  • Feels smooth and silky in texture
  • Instantly mold to body contours
  • A recycled resource
  • Natural
  • Slightly warm and heat conserving


Caring for Millet Hulls:

  • Do not get millet hulls wet
  • Do not microwave millet hulls
  • Store in a cool, dry place


Buckwheat hulls are the durable outer husk of the groats or seeds, produced by buckwheat plants (fagopyrum esculentum). We enjoy eating buckwheat as a grain, but for centuries the hulls have been a popular pillow filling in Asia. Bucky uses only premium pillow grade buckwheat. Under body weight, these hulls grip each other providing stable, passive support and distributing weight evenly. Because this filling is not one mass like cotton or foam, it breathes, cooling with constant ventilation.

Benefits of Buckwheat Hulls:

  • Interlocking triangular shape
  • Cozy, stable body support
  • Lightweight, airy and cool
  • Scrunchy texture
  • Instantly mold to body contours
  • A recycled resource
  • Used to relieve headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, muscle tension, stress, sleeplessness and snoring

Caring for Buckwheat Hulls:

  • Do not get buckwheat hulls wet
  • Do not microwave buckwheat hulls
  • Store in a cool, dry place


If I suffer from Sleep Apnea can I use this pillow?

Yes.This pillow is recommended to relieve bad posture during sleep, a frequent cause of sleep apnea and snoring. Buckwheat pillows are recommended by chiropractors to correct head, neck, and spinal alignment.

Can this pillow comfortably accommodate a CPAP or a Bi-PAP mask?

Yes. Because of the moldable/pliable nature of the buckwheat hull filling, sleepers that wear CPAP or Bi-PAP sleep masks are able to create a depression in the pillow to that the sleep mask can be comfortably accommodated for a full night of deep sleep.

Can I microwave my Duo Bed Pillow?

No. This item is not suitable for heating in the microwave. It has metal zippers which can cause fire when microwaved. Please see our Heatable Tab for a selection of items that can be heated.

How do I clean my Duo Bed Pillow?

The Duo Bed Pillow is designed to be easy to care for and its cover and liner can be machine washed cold, tumble dried low. Do not wash filling! Hull filling may be placed in the freezer for freshening.

Is this pillow good for any sleep position (back, side etc.)?

Yes. Click to learn why.

How do I adjust my Duo Bed Pillow?

Simply unzip the outer cover and inner liner to add or remove filling to your desired comfort level. You may purchase extra Buckwheat & Millet Hull filling in the Covers & Fillings category.

What are the benefits of sleeping on Buckwheat and/or Millet?

Please click on the Fill Type Tab to learn about all the benefits of Buckwheat and Millet.

How much filling do I need to completely refill my pillow?

2 lbs. of Buckwheat Hulls and 2 lbs. of Millet Hulls

  1. Finally!!!! Review by T. Jones
    Overall Rating

    I've got a lot of issues with my neck that I won't bore you with, and this pillow has made my life better. Did it miraculously fix my neck? Nope, not even close - but now I don't make my issues worse just by sleeping.

    I have been through every type of pillow you can name including the specialty cervical pillows and a super expensive memory foam. This one blows them all out of the water. You can "arrange" the filling so it fits you exactly - and the filling stays put all night. (Posted on 4/27/2014)

  2. 4 reasons to buy this pillow Review by J. Leupner
    Overall Rating

    I purchased this pillow a year ago and can say this is by far the best pillow I have owned. It comes nice and full on both sides, so if it is too much you can easily take some out. The great things about it: 1: It will not change shape after years, most pillows(even memory foam start to break down after a year. 2: you have 2 sides to choose from, the buckwheat side is cooler and more fluid, the millet is softer and warmer. 3. Molds to your head, I have arthritis and pinched nerves in my neck that can cause horrible headaches, and I have experienced less headaches. 4. Easy breathing, no pillows blocking nasal passage ways. For most of my life I have been a stomach sleeper and have had to start sleeping on my side, this pillow has helped greatly.
    This is not like the buckwheat pillows you see in the stores. It comes nice and full, if anything, you might need to take out some. (Posted on 4/7/2014)

  3. Excellent Support Review by A. Murphy
    Overall Rating

    This pillow was recommended by my physical therapist and it provides excellent support for my neck. I just recently had neck surgery and I sleep great using this pillow (Posted on 4/3/2014)

  4. A Fabulous Find Review by Christine
    Overall Rating

    I wear a CPAP breathing machine and could never find a comfortable position that supported my neck AND kept the machine's mask stable. Well, Bucky came to my rescue! This pillow lets me sleep soundly all night and my neck feels wonderful the next morning. The mask doesn't leak air because I'm not thrashing around trying to get comfortable. I like the millet side best but the buckwheat side is cooler in summer. THANKS, BUCKY! THIS PILLOW IS GREAT! (Posted on 2/11/2014)

  5. Absolutely Delighted Review by Rev. Diane
    Overall Rating

    For years, I have dealt with TMJ (jaw) problems. In the past year, I was waking up with extreme pain in that joint which caused nausea and vomiting, and put me in bed for a day or two. The pain was becoming more frequent, and it began to affect my work as a pastor. I decided the pain must be due to how I slept or my pillow wasn't giving me enough support. I began to experiment with all kinds if pillows, but nothing worked. I remembered a friend of mine used a pillow filled with buckwheat, so I began to look for one. I found your duo pillow and tried it. It has been several months, and my mornings have been pain free. I am absolutely delighted. Thank you for your great product.
    ~ Rev. Diane (Posted on 5/14/2013)

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